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February 25, 2011

Only in America

The other day at work, a girl said "I had some chocolate thunder from down under last night"




My thoughts EXACTLY. I thought she was being a bit of an over-sharer!

Until she mentioned that this is the name of a dessert at a certain Australian themed steakhouse.


Only in the good ol' U S of A would someone eat something named "chocolate thunder from down under".

February 09, 2011

a girl and a cookie sheet.

also: used pool salt to clear the rest of the walkway when i was done. who needs ice melt and a snow shovel???

walking in a winter wonderland

so... we don't own a snow shovel

that's what bowls are for. right?

Dude, where's my car?

if you look closely, you can just barely see my matrix's little black antennae sticking up out of the snow!


woke up this morning... looked outside... and realized that we would have to dig a spot in the yard for miss daphne. cause it looked like this:

and it's still snowing...
videos to come!