Brooke Layout

March 26, 2012

Sunday with the Dillons

This has got to be comfortable, right?

(please ignore the giant stain on our garage sale couch)

J-dub and Opie joined the party

On an unrelated note, I've officially kept this Christmas cactus alive for over a year. In honor of this accomplishment I've bought a real pot to put it in. AND I threw away the plastic one it came in. This is a big deal.

There's a little bit of a Daphne-bomb in this one. She kept walking back and forth in the background of the picture. She couldn't figure out why I was hanging out by the door and NOT letting them in.

My giant fear is now that it will die because I've moved it. Usually me touching plants is a disastrous occurence. Let's hope this one survives my good intentions...

March 19, 2012


I didn't really know how to move on. I wasn't sure what post to put up. At the same time, it just doesn't feel right to leave up the baby shower posts. It doesn't feel right to take them down either. I'm learning that in life some things are both painful and good. My heart doesn't like this. It would rather have things be black and white. Either painful or good. They seem easier to deal with that way. I like having clear cut plans for moving through life. It's hard to accept a situation that can neither be fixed or enjoyed.

However, life must continue on, and so must my blog. Moving forward doesn't mean leaving things behind, it just means you get to take them with you.